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Cops Cracking Down On Public Park Sex In Northern California Can’t Find Anybody To Arrest

Looks like we might have another Warm Sands on our cold hands: The Petaluma Police Department, north of San Francisco, is “continuing to conduct enforcement operations on anonymous gay sexual encounters in public parks, which have been reported for decades, although the main locations used and the manner of arranging the encounters steadily have changed,” relays the Press Democrat. Facing misdemeanor charges of lewd conduct, men cruising public spaces like Prince Parks have been facing a new challenge: police erected a fence around a forested area, making entry and exit more easy to monitor. What effect did that have? Men just moved to nearby Lucchesi Park. Well! Police, who note that neither minors nor women are involved in reported sexual activity, say they monitor sites like Craigslist to see when men are arranging a meet up, but I’ll give you a hint: men are cruising for sex at Always o’clock. The police are so good at cracking down on these crimes, they’ve made this many “recent” arrests: zero.

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  • ewe

    Why don’t they just open their eyes to all the straight public sex goings on and they could continue their arrests as usual.

  • peter k

    in this time of spending cuts, don’t they something better to do with their time and money?

  • MiKem

    And here is a website that shows the crimes in Petaluma CA that happened over the last year. Seems they DO have better things to be doing.

  • Soupy

    If they would only devote that time to cold cases and missing children, wouldn’t that be nice?

  • jak

    Police cruising Craigslist: your tax dollars at work.

  • justiceontherocks

    If they want to catch “perverts” in action why not do a sting at the local catholic church?

  • alan brickman

    churches have way more of this going on….

  • Kev C

    Wait .. the police have never made an arrest. The park employees have never witnessed any public sex. No one has ever filed a complaint about it. They don’t know if it’s straight sex but they’re sure gays are having hidden sex in the woods.

    The Petaluma police sound like deranged homophobic lunatics. And yet Bigfoot roams free.

  • Steve

    Gay men have fantasized about police officers for decades. At least, there are a lot of porn films about men having fantasies about police officers. (Or, so I hear. I haven’t watched them myself.)

    It seems now, some police officers are having fantasies about gay men in the woods. I don’t know of any porn films about police officers having fantasies about gay men. That might provide a new story line for the porn industry. At least, it seems to have some basis in reality.

    Once upon a time, gay men might have met in out-of-the-way places for anonymous sex. I suppose some still might. But, I would be surprised if many men are still willing to take that sort of risk. It plainly is no longer necessary, as there are much safer places to socialize.

  • B Reynolds

    Cruising in the park? Oh, how 70’s.

  • Shannon1981

    This is ridiculous. Here, ladies and gentlemen, a shining example of where our tax dollars go. Cops cruising the net for public sex.

  • Jim

    The same homophophic bullies on the playground just all grown up now and continuing on as business as Usual. Maybe when Society doesn’t shove people in the Closet for just being honest about who they are sexually attracted to, then society won’t have a problem. But arresting the entire Catholic Church would be a great beginning.

  • NateOcean

    Of course the police with spin this and report that they’ve “reduced” the number of arrests to zero.

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