Is Victim Really The Villain?

Cops Need Help In Gay Murder Case

Australian coppers need some help to solve a queer murder. Investigators found 69-year old Ronald James Brown beaten to death in his home last month. They eventually arrested a 29-year old Hungarian tourist named Ferdinand Ambach. Ambach and his defense team allege that Brown drugged and raped him, which led to the attack and eventual death. Police, however, aren’t so sure and hope the homos can help shed some light:

Diversity liaison officer Constable Brent Clark said police needed to speak to anyone who interacted with Mr Brown to ensure all relevant facts and evidence were put before the court. “No matter how brief or insignificant the encounter may have seemed, it could still be very important information for this investigation.

“We’re not interested in the intimate details of the lives of all and sundry but what’s needed to be able to build a solid case is reputable and reliable information… A man has been arrested and charged with Mr Brown’s murder, but we still need as much background information about Mr Brown as possible.”

While we don’t know Brown – or Ambach – we find it unlikely that a drugged, raped man could find the strength to be another adult to death. Just saying…