Cops Recruit At Salt Lake City Pride


Salt Lake City may be seeing a big bump in police recruitment after its Pride parade yesterday where the police force set up a booth to attract gay and lesbian recruits.

Cpt. Kyle Jones of the Salt Lake Police Departmen described the presence of the booth as such, “The first purpose is to let the gay and lesbian community know that police departments in this valley are gay-friendly. Our second purpose is to do some recruiting.”

We had our own preconceived notions about Salt Lake City: you know, red state, Mormons, the movie theater that wouldn’t play Brokeback Mountain, etc., so we are encouraged by the positive gesture and welcoming comments from the police force. We also find the prospect of more gay men in uniform patrolling the state of Utah pretty titillating.

Police Set Up Recruiting Booth at Gay Pride Event [KSL via PAYOR]

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