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Corbin Fisher: Saying Our Lawsuits Will Snag Closeted Teens Is Like Saying Gay Marriage Leads To Incestuous Marriage

Corbin Fisher insists that in all its legal dealings with copyright, it’s never encountered a closeted gay teen that harmed or killed himself as the result of one of their lawsuits. Which has Brian Dunlap, the COO of Corbin Fisher’s parent Excelsior Productions, telling Ben & Dave’s Six Pack that all these stories about gay kids fearing for their lives if Corbin Fisher goes after the 40,000ish BitTorrent users just don’t matter that much. Rather, the theory that we’ve put forward — that suing a huge collective of defendants will inevitably snag gay teen in intolerant households — is just a way for Queerty to boost its traffic stats. Which, sorry Brian, we have about 1,000 better ways to do that. (We could, say, publish actual gay porn!) “It behooves a blog to do what they can to attract attention and traffic without really having to back it up, and that’s, you know, what I’d characterize this as,” says Dunlap of our stories. “It’s sort of like, ‘If you let gay people marry, then next thing you know we’re going to let people get into incestuous marriages and marry animals and all this kind of stuff.’ You know you just propose this crazy, far-fetched, out there scenario, how do you disprove something like that? It’s so far out there there’s no basis for anything, and you can’t really counter it.” And there you have it, friends: Corbin Fisher’s defense against the possibility of it ruining gay teens’ lives is the same slippery slope theory used by the Family Research Council when it comes to marriage equality.

The Dunlap interview begins at 40:40.

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