Corey Feldman Returns To “Today” Show For Another Stultifying Performance


Out of what can only be described as the goodness of their hearts, Today show producers invited Corey Feldman back onto the show this morning for another powerhouse performance.

Yes, indeed. Dressed in a particularly kingly white and gold cloak, the 45-year-old performer jumped back onto the stage,  once again flanked by his all-female band, who were once again dressed as very sexy angels. Because they are angels.

They’re Corey’s Angels.

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And once again, his frantic gesticulations, beatific smile, and disarming dance moves all strongly indicate that Feldman is not so much performing a musical number as receiving transmissions from space. That’s all well and good, except for the fact that he’s decided to share those transmissions with us, his stultified and aghast audience.

The song is called “Take A Stand,” and we imagine it’s dedicated to all of the haters out there, none of which happen to be us. At one point, he waves around an American flag and quite literally lets his hair down. Keep an eye out for that.

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And by the way, don’t credit these performances to powerful club drugs. “There’s nothing in this world that would ever make me do cocaine or heroin or any of that stuff ever again,” he recently told Peopleand then revealed that he’s been sober for 25 years. 

“No matter how mean and awful people can be, I can’t let that affect me.”

But how does this latest performance affect you? Sound off in the comments below.