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Corporations Tell Indiana: Constitutional Gay Marriage Ban Is Bad For Biz

Generally we expect that if big business are going to bother taking a position on same-sex marriage, they’ll come out against it, since they think being forced to offer gays the same shared health care benefits as straight employees will be too costly. But that’s no the case with Eli Lilly and Co. and Cummins Inc., who told Indiana’s State Senate Judiciary Committee they are firmly against a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage — which is already barred under state law — because it will hurt their chances of recruiting top talent there. Did we mention Indiana has a little bankruptcy problem?

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  • Ti

    This is not a new position for Eli Lilly. The company took the same position a few years ago when a similar bill came up. Interestingly, they are not the only corporation to take this stance. I live in Indiana and it is tough enough to convince people to move here without this hate amendment.

  • Mark

    @Ti: Precisely the reason I left Indiana 28 years ago and only come back to visit family…when I absolutely have to.

  • Joetx

    Hmm, a couple of corporations doing something actually humanitarian instead of being blood-sucking vampires. How refreshing!

  • Brandon

    Don’t mistake this as humanitarian. Corporations will ONLY EVER go for the bottom line. Luckily it is becoming more advantageous to the bottom line to support gay rights. Woo hoo right?

  • kernelt

    Good for them..

  • AJD

    I went to school in Indiana, and the place is a hellhole — full of passive-aggressive, narrow-minded rednecks and the weather sucks to boot. I seriously think they need to change the amendment bill’s title to “The Zillionth Reason to Avoid Indiana Act.”

  • Kevin

    I’m saddened by the comments I’ve read about Indiana. Although we have a long way to go, we’ve worked very hard in Indianapolis. Our Pride event is 70-80,000 strong; our city council passed a hate crime legislation to include the LGBT community, Lambda is strong and Obama actually won our state (hasn’t happened since the 60’s). My partner and I have traveled all over the country and although the obvious places like Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Ft Lauderdale and West Hollywood seem tolerant, Indiana is becoming a much more friendly and tolerant place to live. I had a choice to run from Indiana 26 years ago, but I chose to stay and fight… We need to work with Lambda, HRC and many other organizations, in order to further our cause. And AJD, it sounds like you had a bad experience in Indiana, and I’m sorry for that, but being negative for the rest of your life is like a cancer… I hope you’ve found happiness in your new village…

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