Costa Rica Squashing Queer Adoption?

Things look dicey down in Costa Rica. The nation’s Legislative Assembly’s kid-centric Childhood and Adolescence Commission unanimously passed a bill that will prohibit gay adoptions. The bill will now go to the General Legislative Assembly for a wider debate.

The Libertarian Movement Party promoted bill will ban “adoptions, made by title to an individual or pair, in which one or both people have shown a sexual orientation toward people of the same sex.”

Clever choice of words: “shown”. The law, then, can be slanted not only toward people in openly gay relationships, but also those who have had gay relationships.

That’s not very libertarian, now is it?

Libertarian Movement Party promoter Mario Núñez, who also heads the Childhood and Adolescence Commission says his allies have the children’s best interest in mind. He has other things happening, too:

The state should make sure that minors in this condition are given to families whose base is heterosexual monogamous matrimony, as is established in our Constitution, Family Code and Christian principles.

Ah ha!

Queer activist Abelardo Araya describes the bill as both “an embarrassment” and “a retrocession of human rights in Costa Rica”. We’re not sure retrocession translates, but we’re picking up what you’re laying down.