Wedding bells

Costa Rica welcomes marriage equality

With pride month mere days away, Costa Rica has become the first nation in Central America to recognize same-sex marriages.

The move comes after almost two years of infighting, following a landmark court ruling that pushed for legislators to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples. The constitutional court ruled in 2018 that a standing ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional, and ordered the parliament to re-legislate the issue within 18 months. When parliament failed to do so, marriage equality became the law of the land.

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“Today we celebrate freedom, equality and democratic institutions. May empathy and love be the compass that allows us to get ahead and build a country where all the people fit,” Costa Rican President Carlos Quesada said via Twitter.

Daritza Araya and Alexandra Qu Castillo, a lesbian couple, married just moments after the new law took effect at midnight May 26. The pair married in San Isidro de Heredia. Other marriage ceremonies have moved online as a result of the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.