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  • Wait ...

    But queerty, weren’t you explaining yesterday that it’s quite Islamophobic to make generalizations about negative characteristics of some Islamic people to all of them? That’s surely the implication of your headline, only re: Catholics. Obvious Catholophobia. Were not the Supreme Court justices also Catholic? Are there not “moderate, tolerant” Catholics in Costa Rica. You have presumed without evidence that the Manhattan mosque is the work of “moderate, tolerant” Muslims. Where is your similar discretion here? Without it, and by your own standards, you have “demonstrated Catholophobia.” And, by your own standards, you voice should now be silenced.

    I look forward to the site shutting down forthwith.

  • Mike L.

    You guys also forgot to report that Yesterday Mexico’s Supreme Court declared that all 31 Mexican States must recognize same-sex marriages performed in Mexico City. While not changing their marriage laws they must accept an respect marriages from Mex City – which gives an incentive I think for those states that were planing on brigning up legilation this year to do so. They are still going to debate adoption rights for gay men and lesbians this Thursday.

    One of the justices spouted out that his rational for not wanting gays to adopt wasn’t that he might be homophobic but rather b/c mexican culture is not ready and the children might suffer taunts etc. So it’s much easier to leave kids in an orphanage than to move the country to acceptance, wow).

  • Mike L.

    Oh Yay for Costa Rica!


    Congrats Costa Rica! You have been removed from the Gay “no-fly to” list………….

  • Bill Perdue

    This is very good news.

    It means that der papenfuehrers attempt at a preemptive strike in Costa Rica is going down in flames.

    Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Spain and Portugal are all ostensibly countries dominated by the catholic cult. Spain and Portugal were the originators and last holdouts of the inquisition and both were dominated until recently by catholic fascists.

    In three of them, Argentina, Spain and Portugal, der papenfuehrer campaigned hard against same sex marriage and all three countries kicked him in the ass. (Mexico forbids cult interference.)

    It’s further proof that the influence of the roman cult has been seriously weakened in Latin America.

    Cuban leader Raul Castro is a long time hard line Stalinist and phobe so progress there is problematic in spite of the revolutionary traditions of the Cuban people. Same-sex civil unions, a second class form of same sex partnering are “legal in Uruguay (2008), Ecuador (2008), Colombia (2009), Brazil (since 2004), and in a few… Venezuelan states.” Uruguay is on the road to transforming second class civil unions into first class civil marriages.

  • JuicyBoots

    ¡Pura Vida!

  • adman

    As a regular surfer/tourist and avid fan of Costa Rica, I just want to say Pura Vida! Costa Rica and it’s people are the best, if you don’t believe me, just go there and see..awesome place!

  • Chris

    once again, the ‘developing’ latin american world has shown us westerners how its done.

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