Could Harold Ford Jr. Really Have Had No Idea His Gay Marriage + Abortion Positions Might Be Campaign Problems?

Now that Harold Ford Jr. has given up hope in challenging Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, is it okay to start calling this man the cutest thing ever?

We refer not to his handsome good looks, but to his naivety, which makes us want to drape one arm around his shoulder, pull him close to our chest, and pinch his cheek. Ignorance isn’t usually something to celebrate, but on Mr. Ford, it’s just charming. Like the part where he has no idea why constituents and power brokers might have a problem with his flip-flopping. Today’s Times: “Mr. Ford knew that some liberals would attack his relatively conservative voting record but, those he spoke with said, he was taken aback by the depth of the anger he encountered from advocates for abortion rights and gay marriage. After reporters found examples of Mr. Ford calling himself pro-life during his time in Congress, Mr. Ford vehemently pushed back, saying he had always supported a woman’s right to choose. He assumed that would put the matter to rest. It did not. ‘He was dumbfounded that it kept tripping him up,’ a friend said.”

Haha. Dumbfounded. How apropos.

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  • Cam

    He origionally was a congressman in Tenn. I guess there it was ok to attack gays. Additionally, calling yourself pro-life, but then doing nothing to advance the pro-lifers requests seems to be the national pastime of the GOP down south so perhaps he figured that since nobody ever called him on this kind of thing all states were the same. It says something incredibly sad about politics that a former Congressman actually thought what he has previously stated as his opinions wouldn’t matter. What a sick cynical commentary on the type of political games he is used to playing that is.

  • Lucas

    As hot as he is, what a creep.

  • Brian En Guarde

    The gay movement is changing as much more is expected from the Democratic Party. The days of blind loyalty are over. Ford so took for granted the liberal vote, that he did not even know what Lawrence v. Texas was! He expected support after voting to carve gay marriage out of the protections of the bill of rights!!! It is shocking how deeply the party has taken gays for granted. Gays and their blind loyalty are to blame, in part. Hopefully gays will continue to question question question, and to keep threatening the Democratic Party with the loss of support, and then be prepared to follow through.

  • dm1973

    Puh-leeze. Don’t buy Ford’s excuses or dumb-foundedness at all. He is a sire of a strong political Tennessee family. His father, aunt and others are or were holders of political office. He knows the game.
    He’s just not used to being called to the mat on any issues, irregardless of what they may be. He also had to have known that the most liberal branch of both parties resides in the Northeast. He is more conservative than most Republicans in this area. If he truly is shocked, than he REALLY is a dummy.

  • terrwill

    Funny, I had a Ford once that didn’t run so smooth either………….

  • Bob R

    Cute? Well, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is only skin deep and there is no accounting for taste! As we used to say in my younger days, I wouldn’t fuck him with your dick. I don’t find Harold Ford attractive on the outside and most definitely he’s not at all attractive on the “inside”.

    It seems on gay blogs, no matter how reprehensible someone is, some moron will chime in, “but he’s so cute.” How shallow and vain we can be.

  • Yet Another

    @ Bob R.

    Get layed.

    It’s commentary. It’s no more moronic than your “dick” reference. The real matter was discussed and creative angle was taken to dress the story up.

    All blogs are “shallow.” You want depth, go read a newspaper.

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