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Could Ireland Legalize Civil Unions Without a Single Opposing Vote?

Maybe! But it’d be on a technicality. Ireland’s lower parliament, known as the Dail, today approved the Civil Partnership Bill, legalizing same-sex partnerships (different from marriage!), and you could say it happened “unanimously,” if only because there was no individual thumbing up or down, which confuses me because that sounds like an awesome way to do The Lawmaking! The bill now heads to the Seanad, where legislators will be asked to blink once for “yes” or twice for “no,” or three times for “oh whatever.” Also, wasn’t there a lot of applause a year ago this week when Irish legislators uh, did the exact same thing? I can barely understand Irish accents (like my grandmother’s), let alone Irish politics.

Update: Thanks to commenter Paschal for clarifying how this all works.