Could Neil Patrick Harris be The Flash?

patrick-harris-flashAn “inside” source confirms that maybe, just maybe there’s a rumor somewhere that Neil Patrick Harris is attached to the long-gestating The Flash project. Harris has been in hot demand since he casually disclosed his sexuality in 2006. He stars in the CBS series How I Met Your Mother, a sequel to Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, gained enormous popularity after starring in Joss Wheadon’s Dr. Horrible’s Musical Sing-along Blog and recently hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live. Could red-tights and supersonic speeds be next?

Screen Rant
writes about the speculation:

“The Flash has been on again, off again and now on again with the recent addition of a screenwriter. We first mentioned it back in 2004 when David Goyer was supposedly going to write the script (he went on to write a little movie you may have heard of: The Dark Knight). Then there was nothing heard for three years until the announcement that Goyer was not writing the movie, but that Shawn Levy was attached to direct, then comedy director David Dobkin. That news quietly faded away and nothing was heard until earlier this month, when word surfaced that Dan Mazeau was attached to write the screenplay.

Now comes possible “insider” news that Neil Patrick Harris and possibly Scott Porter (according to are being looked at to play the Scarlet Speedster. Scott played the young Rex Racer in Speed Racer and has a recurring role on Friday Night Lights.

And of course who doesn’t know who Neil Patrick Harris is? For a 35 year old guy, he seems like he’s been around forever… starting out years ago as Doogie Howser, M.D. and then appearing in Starship Troopers (yes, he was in that). After that he bounced around doing one-shot appearances in TV episodes and a lot of cartoon voiceover work including Justice League and Spider-Man.”

The Flash has always been one of those superheroes we could care less about, but if NPH was starring, we’d go see it in a heartbeat. How about you?

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  • CHIP

    HIMYM is on CBS…

  • REBELComx

    I think he should be the next Riddler. Him, or David Hyde Peirce. Of all the major superheroes in the DC Universe, Flash is probably one of the most overrated…OMG he can run REALLY fast! Good luck doing the whole modern/realism/Dark Knight take on THAT character. It would probably turn out as bad as Superman Returns, or worse…Daredevil. *shudder*

  • ask ena

    Oh GOD, I don’t ask for many things…PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me see Neil Patrick Harris in a form-fitting white spandex jumpsuir…please?

  • ask ena

    ^^^ or red ^^^ :)

  • tallskin

    Oh Per-lease! More trivial empty headed shit on Queerty!

  • Stop! Or My Daddy Will Shoot!

    @tallskin: — and more fire and tacks from you! What a delightfully insipid way to chime in!

    NPH I’m stuffing myself with ovaries right now so we can beget your son and heir. Call me.

  • DireFates

    I liked Superman Returns AND Daredevil!!!

  • Jonathan

    He’d be fab…

    I loved Dr. Horrible. He is completely underrated. And his BF is hot. (Neil: Come on, make a Paris Hilton video, pleeeeease…..)

  • sonic

    that would rock my cock!

  • kevin

    He was awesome in the Harold and Kumar movies…

  • The Gay Numbers

    I am not seeing it. I like NPH alot. I am okay with The Flash. But can’t see the two together.

  • SC

    NPH in spandex tights… yes yes yes!!!

  • rick

    i though neil patrick harris was the flash. i could have sworn he was on my justice league new frontier dvd playing the flash.

    i have the complete spiderman series neil did. it was made for mtv. thirteen great episodes. it has ian zierling as harry osborne. it is in a pretty cool computer animation style.

    neil is rather more kid flash in looks. he wouldhave made a great wally west a few years back.

  • rick

    the way the article is written it is implied the justice league was the telivision program. the justice league neil patrick harris did was a made for dvd animated movie based on a graphic novel series. and he played the flash.

  • Sebbe

    Hopefully, that would be kewl. I’m soo happy he’s done so well since coming out. He’s really a role model for gay actors. Plus it doesn’t hurt that he and his man are both hot.

  • Tonytigger

    ugh! no!! NPH isn’t right for the flash. The Flash is supposed to be hot. Neil is okay, but not worthy of playing the Flash.

  • sparkle obama

    …i’m not sure if he has the ass for that.


    I agree…The Flash is supposed to be HOT!

    And Neil Patrick Harris is only mildly cute…in a forehead-wrinkled, gremlin-faced kind of way. I think that stud Paul Walker would be a FAR better choice! And he’s much more masculine than fruity NPH

  • The Gay Numbers

    I could see Paul walker as flash. he could pull it off.

  • Sebbe

    Not knowing much (anything?) about the comics. I didn’t think Eric Johnson was bad on that television version. More cute, than hot, I suppose though.

  • zee

    Hmm, Neil Patrick Harris as the Flash… I could go with it. Maybe as the Barry Allen version, and possibly (were they to do a sequel) Paul Walker as Wally West. It sounds doable.

    (Wow, I feel like the only one here who knows anything about the comics xD)

  • Pete

    Neil Patrick Harris already voiced the flash in the 08 “Justice League: The New Frontier” animated movie……

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