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Could San Francisco Pride’s Troubles Grow Any Worse? Yep!

Alex Randolph, who’s been serving as the mouthpiece for San Francisco Pride ever since executive director Amy Andre quit amidst a financial scandal. But now he’s gone too.

The crumbling organization, charged with organizing the city’s big gay festival now just two months away, is now without a leader — or even much of a board. Because Randolph isn’t the only one who’s fled: so too have fellow board members Belinda Ryan and Jamie Fountain, leaving just four people remaining. (Board president Nikki Calma left last month.) Officially, Randolph left because his schedule was too full with holding down a job and graduate school duties, and Fountain took off because he needed more time to focus on his full-time job. But nobody wants to be the only one left mopping the deck while the Titanic is sinking.