Could The Congresswoman Please Define “Normal”?

It seems Eleanor Holmes Norton fancies herself a health activist. The DC Representative hosts a “frank discussion” next Monday during which women can come and chat about how sexually transmitted diseases threaten so-called normal relationships. In a letter addressed to someone named “Sister,” Norton implores:

Please come to my Women’s Town Hall Meeting on “Sex in the City: STDs, Relationships and Today’s Woman”… The only featured guest is YOU. There is no “program,” only what you have to say about how women are living and should live their lives in an era when marriage among African American’s [sic] has sharply declined. Black women outnumber Black men and STD’s [sic] and AIDS are a threat to normal relationships.

People in abnormal relationships, meanwhile, thrive on AIDS. You know, like the gays.

If you’re interested in reading Norton’s entire letter, download this PDF.