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UPDATE: Could This “Tasteful” New App For Gays 12 And Over Be A Grindr Killer?

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UPDATE: Most gay apps are generally utilized by guys to do a bit more with their tongues than talk, but one company is trying to change that. is a new social app designed to tap into the “more tasteful” side of gay life, and its backers proudly tout the fact that it is “the only gay social app approved by the iTunes store for 12-year-olds and older.”

Twelve year olds? Sorry,, but we don’t want to hang out with no kids. Yet the idea that a gay app could also be youth-friendly is innovative, and the 12+ iTunes approval definitely places it in a different league from its randier counterparts. But still–12-year-olds?

Of course, any gay app will always be compared to the queen of them all, so CEO Michael Belkin isn’t shying away from the Grindr comparisons, at least negative ones.

In an interview, he states that he launched because he was “disgusted by the tasteless torsos and imagery on gay social sites and apps.”

Hmmm. We think of them more as tasty torsos, but whatever floats your boat. However, the reality is that it’s not easy to get anywhere near Grindr’s six million plus membership without a little skin. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of or disgusted by.

Instead, is apparently focused on helping you find events and places where you’re likely to share something other than sex with the actual person attached to said torso. Like, perhaps, a bar filled with torsos?

Belkin claims has “a proprietary algorithm that ranks places and events for hotness.” Whatever that means. Hot torsos? is available in the iTunes store now.

UPDATE Dec. 17: In response to questions about its “12+” iTunes approval, emailed Queerty the following statement: 

We at were thrilled when Apple approved our app with a 12+ rating. This properly reflects our goal to provide clean, safe, fun, social content for the entire LGBT community. However, some have jumped on this announcement as an excuse to tie homosexuality to pedophilia.

We want to emphasize that on, members can discover events, places, and people based on shared interests, in a PG sense. Although we didn’t set out to make an LGBT app for 12 year olds, we do think it’s very important that younger gay people have a safe place they can come to for community and support. In the future with some tweaking to our current feature set, we could be that place. Meanwhile, because our app is straight friendly, all audiences who use social media can feel comfortable using, an app where the LGBT community’s tastes are reflected.

There you have it., the app making the gay world “clean” and “safe” for 12-year-olds and straight people.