oh no she didn't

Counseling Student Jennifer Keeton Appeals Ruling That Says She Can’t Be Mean to Gay Patients

After being told by a judge Friday she has no grounds to sue Augusta State University for requiring her not to tell gay patients they are moral deviants, counseling student Jennifer Keeton yesterday filed papers appealing the ruling, continuing her argument such a decision violates her right to religious freedom regardless of any “academically legitimate” reason.

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  • EdWoody

    Ridiculous bint.

  • Wonka

    Trust me , this is a lost cause.

  • Shaun Azzopardi

    Finally someone mentioned it.

  • Bill

    This woman is PROOF that no god exists.

    For if one did, we’d all witness a giant hand coming down from above to slap this stupid girl across her stupid face.

    That would certainly make ME a believer.

  • jp

    what is wrong with her? she needs counseling herself! American Counseling Assoiciation (different from APA) code of ethics has a standards that address these particular students becuase unfortunately, it does happen. Section 1A “The primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and to
    promote the welfare of clients.” Also in section A “Counselors are aware of their own values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors and avoid imposing values that are inconsistent with counseling goals. Counselors respect the diversity of clients, trainees, and research participants.” Lastly and most applicable in this case Section C “Counselors are alert to the signs of impairment from their own physical,mental, or emotional problems and refrain from offering or providing professional services when such impairmentis likely to harm a client or others.” Ms. Keeton was obviously sleeping during her required ethics class!


    What a disturbing looking nasty crunt. She has the chest of a 12 year old boy. She has a long masculine featured face and large hands that came right out the Seinfeld episode……

  • adman

    You mean I can’t get paid to emotionally damage people I don’t like? WHaaaa? What is the world coming to?

  • bobito

    Why is it that religious bigots always interpret their “right to religious freedom” as the right to inflict their religious beliefs upon everybody else, especially in situations where they are neither productive nor appropriate?

  • B

    No. 5 · Bill wrote, “This woman is PROOF that no god exists.” … not really – it is proof that, if a god exists, he/she/it obviously likes sitcoms and needed something to laugh at.

  • robert

    But she’s religious – and we all know that automatically puts her above the law. If you disagree, you’re discriminating against her right to a privileged position in society.

  • Joseph


  • Kade

    Obviously it would make more sense if she does not wish to follow the standards and practices that have defined a counselor’s job for many years then I might direct her to several other southern universities whom teach curriculum for “Christian Counseling”. It seems more what she was looking for if she’s looking to use God in her counseling practices. Idiot.

  • Josh

    @Kade: If only it were that simple. Odds are that this woman was home-schooled or “educated” at a Christian school, like I was. My school was very much influenced by Dominionist theology, and we were encouraged to get careers in medicine, education, law enforcement, politics, etc…always in the public sector so that we could then enact our views on the rest of the country and bring about a glorious Christian America. Through subterfuge. *rolls eyes* This woman WANTS this fight, went LOOKING for it just like pharmacy techs who refuse, on religious grounds, to provide contraceptives. This is not an isolated incident. This is symptomatic of a VERY real Christian conspiracy to force America to accept Biblical law. I hope the judges continue to side with reason…

  • Steve

    This ruling doesn’t affect her religious freedom. She can believe whatever the hell she wants. What she doesn’t have the right to do is replace her religious views for agreed scientific views, especially when it comes to gay patients, seeing as how these religious views will undoubtedly cause more distress to her gay patients. If she can’t understand this, I’m surprised as hell that she got this far in school.

  • Cam

    hmm, perhaps she needs to talk to a therepist about her obsessive need for attention.

  • Abel

    This poor, not very bright, anorexic girl is fighting a losing battle. She is academically deficient, as indicated by the remedial reading and writing being required of her. I think she knows she’s in danger of failing and wants to raise a stink in hopes that they’ll pass her just to shut her up. Religion may or may not poison everything, but it’s certainly warped this dimwit.

  • axos

    Let’s keep her looks out of it. The point is she thinks an opinion is holy and automatically gets a quality stamp if it’s called religious, and then it trumps everything else, like ethics and science. It does not.

    Actually she already knows this, since she throws out most of the Old Testimony – probably on ethical grounds. Or is she going to advocate slavery and parents’ rights to kill obnoxious children? (And does she eat pork chops?)

  • axos

    @Abel: Yes, maybe we should feel sorry for her in a way – but she has to change her career to something else. Perhaps she can be a priest in some church? Or a priest’s assistant – do they have assistants?

  • The Milkman

    She looks like one of the muppets from The Dark Crystal.

  • RLSinSF

    I would put her in the same “media whore” category as Ann Coulter. You’re all uselessly objecting to her position. Her whole objective is to get herself into the news and she is a success! She and her ilk feed off of exactly what you’re giving her. She never got enough attention as a child, so now she’ll say any outrageous thing to get it from this and other news outlets. Stop helping her!!! And by the way, insulting her looks only weakens your arguments.

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