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Country music act gets dragged for smashing Bud Light can while singing Queen song in a muscle shirt

Rainbow Pride-themed Bud Light bottles.

When country music act Brent Gilbert is covering songs by Queen, he doesn’t want that gay agenda garbage shoved in his face, OK?!

Gilbert was covering one of the legendary rock group’s biggest hits, “Another One Bites The Dust,” at a recent concert in Alabama when somebody threw a Bud Light on stage.

For those blissfully unaware, Bud Light has been under siege by MAGA cry babies for three weeks because the brand partnered with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney for an Instagram ad.

Country star Travis Tritt announced he will drop all Anheuser-Busch products from his tour, and Kid Rock posted an unhinged, gun-toting video over Mulvaney’s affiliation with the legacy beer company.

One conservative influencer has even launched his own “Conservative Dad’s ULTRA RIGHT 100% Woke-Free American Beer,” which costs $29.99 for a six-pack. #ripoff

Anheuser-Busch CEO Brendan Whitworth kind of capitulated to the bad faith venom, issuing a statement that said, well, absolutely nothing.

And yet, the performative outrage persists.

On Sunday, Gilbert was more than happy to participate. He looked at the Bud Light can menacingly then proceeded to slam it onto the ground.

“Yeah, f*ck that!,” he said, to the screams of thousands.

When a silver can–Coors Light?–was thrown on stage, Gilbert tossed it back to his drummer, who proceeded to shotgun the sucker.



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? original sound – Jonathan Cooley

Of course, the idea of somebody protesting a beer company’s affiliation with an LGBTQ+ person while signing a Queen song is hilarious. Freddie Mercury is one of the most flamboyant rock stars ever and an LGBTQ+ icon. Hundreds of people on Twitter pointed out the contradiction.

Here just a sampling of responses…

Gilbert’s contrived stunt–all to the tune of Queen–exposes the sheer inanity of the Bud Light backlash. Right-wingers are just trolling for applause; and frankly, embarrassing themselves in the process.

Check out the advertisement for “woke-free” beer. The ad begins with its creator, Seth Weathers, strolling in front of a public women’s bathroom, and then cuts to him leaving the men’s room–while taking a sip of beer.

Believe us: that’s much weirder than anything Dylan Mulvaney has ever done.

To a fraction of America, Gilbert may look like a brave warrior against the supposedly evil LGBTQ+ agenda. But to the rest of us, he looks like a clown who’s just smashing a Bud Light can while singing a Queen song.

Another one bites the dust indeed.

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