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Country Singer Ty Herndon Has Inspired Gay People Of All Ages To Come Out Publicly

ty-herndonI have parents bringing 15-year-olds to my shows, and they say, ‘My kid just came out, and he wants to be a singer. And all I can do is look at them and go, ‘My God, look at this special kid you have. And then, I’ll have a 75-year-old man come to my show and say, ‘I just came out to my entire family, and I was received with love… I relate to that struggle on so many levels. To see that kid having such a chance at life because he was so brave so early, and yet to understand the 75-year-old man who is finally at peace with himself because he was able to walk out of that fear… if I’ve been a small part of any of that, it really is humbling. I receive that.”


— Singer Ty Herndon, who came out publicly last November, discussing his supportive fans with HuffPo