rumor has it

Of course Matt Gaetz is considering quitting Congress for a career in television

This just in: Rumor has is Rep. Matt Gaetz is abandoning his constituents and quitting Congress for a career in television.

Three sources told Axios that the antigay lawmaker from Florida has privately told confidantes that he might retire before his term ends to take a job with the right-wing propaganda network Newsmax.

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Apparently, Gaetz has become fascinated with the idea of being a media personality after getting a taste of the spotlight while palling around with Donald Trump last year.

One of the sources tells Avois that Gaetz, whose term ends in 2023, has already begun having early conversations with execs about what type of position he might have at the network.

Neither Gaetz or Newsmax are commenting on the rumors, but Twitter sure has a lot to say about it…

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