Court Forces Target To Let Gay Marriage Lovers Hang Out In Front Of Its Stores

Target, which shamelessly supports political candidates that don’t believe in civil rights, is gonna have to let those mean old queers solicit signatures in front of its stores! A Superior Court judge in San Diego ruled against the retailer in its lawsuit that tried to boot Canvass For A Cause, the pro-gay marriage group, from hanging out around its shops and tricking customers into thinking Target supports your right to marry. But that doesn’t mean Canvass can go canvassing willy nilly.

The group can only canvas one store entrance at any given time so customers’ access to the store isn’t impeded, the judge ruled. Also, group members are not allowed to “harass, follow, stalk, or block movements of Target’s employees, management or customers.”

It would seem existing law already prohibits the last part of the court’s decision. The first part, about only allowing to stand in front of one store entrance? Sure sounds like a court dictating how people can exercise their First Amendment rights to me.