Courtney Act Vows to Release an Album by Summer 2015!

During a recent interview with Scoopla, Courtney Act (alongside Bianca Del Rio) has vowed that she will release a full album by summer 2015 (northern hemisphere summer).

When the interviewer asks Courtney why she hasn’t released an album yet:

[quote]I know, right! I’m so ashamed and I have finally made the executive decision that if all of the parts – we’ve got all the music, and we’re sort of waiting for the ducks to get in a row. But if it hasn’t happened by summer American time, I’m just gonna do it. It’s like a passion project because there’s so much good music. I’ve been working with Jake Shears and Sam Sparrow, some amazing producers in LA. The music is so much fun. I watch Adore on stage – we’re going to see Adore next week in her live show – and just watching her on stage with a live band, singing her own music, is so inspiring and I’m like I want to do that!”[/quote]