Cover Girl!

Ellen DeGeneres has finally made it! The hilarious lesbian recently inked a deal to become Cover Girl’s next spokeswoman, a slot typically filled by Amazonian super models and starlets. DeGeneres shoots the campaign this week and “sources” say she’s getting a cool $1 million for the gig. It’s good to be the queen. [NY Post]

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  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    This is probably a very good deal for Cover Girl. If the amount is just $1 million, this is cheap for securing a spokesperson who is so well known. There will probably be protests from the right wing, but this will just amplify the pitch, as will the publicity this will generate. Also, Ellen is 50 and looks real good. If people think this is attributable to Cover Girl they will want to buy.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Ellen has the most beautiful eyes on television and I bet she will move product with her Carson-esque genius (Remember American Express ads?) Now, her wife Portia De Rossi is just a porcelain Goddess!

  • michael

    How wonderful! Wonderful that Cover Girl is using a gay celebrity
    to rep. its line and wonderful for all we gay people that we can see
    one of our own upheld as a positive, beautiful, role model. Great for all those gals out there as well that don’t want to follow the mold of looking like a Paris Hilton to be considered beautiful, although thats okay for those who want that.

  • Timothy

    Does this make Ellen the quintessential Lipstick Lesbian?

  • nikko

    Great! Ellen will be beaming in her sharp Tuxedo and…makeup!!!

  • Lois

    It is a sad day when there are so many are for gay & lesbian unions. To many it doesn’t matter, but for the majority it is a slap in the face. Marriage is a lifetime committment between a man & a woman. Ellen’s endorsement of Cover Girl make-up is the last time I will buy your product. Her picture on the last page of GoodHousekeeping a good example of how shallow a thinker this women(?) is.

  • nikko

    Lois, you are a typical stupid, ignorant heterosexual woman. Why would you be insulted that two same sex people want to commit their lives to each other?! That affirms commitment and marriage, not destroys it. What would you want for us, then?

  • JOHN


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