CPAC Bride Diana Cardenas Goes On Anti-Gay Tirade. SAVE Dade Gives Her…Mild Reprove?

Diana Cardenas’ hairdresser must’ve given her a really bad perm.

Just days after her husband, ACU head Al Cardenas, told GOProud they weren’t welcome at the CPAC reactionary jamboree, the self-proclaimed “chief operating officer of the Cardenas household” went on a Facebook rant, calling on politicians to battle marriage equality, denouncing gays for public displays and comparing homosexuality to drug addiction, disability and bestiality. We wonder if Diana has any input in hubby Al’s decisions—she strikes us as the kind of dame who tells her man what his opinion is.  Check out some of her juicy comments below. (And check out Cardenas’ sunglasses-and-mink-coat pic at left. Is she auditioning for The Real Housewives of Miami?)

Note: Grammar and spelling are courtesy of Cardenas. The full exchange is available here.

Rena, it IS a threat to society. It is not nature’s way. They can’t procreate, can they?….You hvae them in your family? Well, there is no reason not to like them or love them, the same way you would love one who has a disability, or an illness, etc. I just DO NOT want them pushing their agenda on the majority who are not. This is just about sexual preference–keep it in the bedroom!!!! …

I am just tired of this topic being shoved in our face continually by all these gay activists and I have to ventilate my feelings…. You know I always wondered why homosexuals are referred to as ‘gay’, kind of an oxymoron? Nothing really ‘gay’ about them or their movement…

Please, Diana, “ventilate” your feelings! But isn’t loudly voicing your homophobic views shoving the topic in everyone’s faces too?  Maybe that’s okay because you’re condemning us. (Fundamentalists are allowed to shove anything in our faces so long as it’s about God’s judgment.)

When one poster suggests the days of gays shamefully hiding in the shadows are long gone, it sets her right off!

No, you are right, they are nothiding in shame anymore—they are in our faces with public displayof affection, gay parades,gay rallies, non-stop bombardment!!!As if that is not enough, now they are seeking to make constitutionalchanges. The audacity!!!They don’t represent a threat to mepersnally, but to society in general. They threaten the moral fiber of our society…… If I had a child who was a drug addict, I would stilllove him to death, but that does not mean I have accept orcondone the bad behavior.

Yes, Diana, we’re sure you would love your trouble child to death. Later in her screed, she once again uses her Darrow-like debate skills to disarm dissenting posters:

I offer no apologies for my position. I guess youchoose to ignore all my previous comments which totally discredityour arguments…. but we are such ideological opposites that tocontinue debate would be an act of futility. Nevertheless, I am veryglad that you are soo fulfilled with your lifestyle….

Whatever turnsyou on—men, women, animals….. just keep it behind closed door,please. Have fun

SAVE Dade, South Florida’s largest LGBT organization, didn’t take Cardenas’ tirade lying down. SAVE Dade Executive Director, C.J. Ortuno released a sternly worded statement that…chided her for hurting Miami’s gay tourism trade?

“We simply cannot imagine Mrs. Cardenas wanting to reject this annual, recurring revenue for Miami-Dade County and substitute it with increased taxes paid for by our residents. Sadly, her comments do great harm and make our community less attractive for visitors, which will result in the bleeding of badly needed revenue.”

Nail her to the wall, C.J.!

The release does go on to say Mrs. Cardenas’ opinions are  “not only outdated [and] steeped in old prejudices, but are a filled with hatred and vile in nature.”

“For the sake of moving forward with bridging the divide in our community, and bringing together all minorities, be it ethnic, racial or religious, Mrs. Cardenas should temper her offensive and disgusting remarks. We sincerely hope she will retract her public comments that aim to hurt so many, and pauses to reflect on the pain she has caused her community.”

Geez, really? That’s the toughest response Ortuño could come up with? Did he miss the post where she says, “I offer no apologies for my position”?

It sounds like Cardenas has bigger balls than SAVE Dade.


Images via SAVE Dade

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  • catinhat

    woo, he’s requesting that she temper her remarks – how savage.

  • Mike in Asheville

    So, Queerty, you berate Dan Savage when he calls out Frothy Mix for labeling us “dog fuckers and child rapists”. Here you call out SAVE-Dade for being wimps.

    How about Queerty writing your own response to CPAC/Cardenas — one for mass media and not another “preach it to the choir” post for Queerty. (Should you do that, I do recommend before you hit the “send” button, have an editor who knows proper spelling and grammar give it a read.)

  • Henry

    For someone who wants sex habits behind “closed doors” Diana doesn’t mind broadcasting that she’s a dom. There are a lot of men out there with a taste for taming dom women.

  • jason

    Diana Cardenas comes across as being jealous of male-male sensuality. She might be fearful of her husband straying into the arms of a man. Diana, darling, life can be such a bitch….

  • christopher di spirito

    If her fur coat is real, I hope someone throws a can of red paint on it. No one with any morals wears fur in 2011.

  • Cam

    “As if that is not enough, now they are seeking to make constitutionalchanges. The audacity!!!”

    No sweetie, actually the anti-gay folks are the ONLY people asking for constitutional changes. Gays are simply asking that the equal protection clauses of the constitution actually be enforced.

    So looking at it that way, the gays are pro-american and the anti-gay folks are the ones who hate the Constitution and America.

  • Hmmmmm....

    Whats the CPAC and why should we care what this idoit has to say? some more background would be nice.

  • Codswallop

    It’s too bad nobody has ventilated her yet.

  • Marcus

    @Mike in Asheville: BRAVO, Mike! This was one of the douchiest posts by Queerty. Queerty should have done an entire piece berating Cardenas and let SAVE Dade tend to their own business. The Cardenas family are powerful Miami Cubans and SAVE is pretty damn savvy as to how to handle LOCAL political matters. This post is iconic of what is wrong with gay politics in the USA. Everyone is a Screaming Mimi. Ortuño was certainly tempered, criticizing her remarks and not calling her names. Imagine that? A gay org that doesn’t name call. I will guarantee you that there is much back-door politicking going on at this moment than is far more productive than what Queerty calls for.

  • Alistair

    Anyone who would wear fur certainly does not care about anyone else on this planet.

  • TMikel

    Why do these woman always, ALWAYS, have such fat faces? She is either having a VERY bad hair day or that is the cheapest wig I have ever seen. I guess we know who has the stones in that relationship!

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