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CPAC Chief Al Cardenas Wishes The Gays At GOProud Would Turn Into More Complacent Fags

Through a series of press releases, GOProud has “praised” former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton for telling the Conservative Principles Conference that America needs to fight radical Islam, and has “praised” the U.S.-led involvement in Libya. And that’s on top of turning all the headlines about this year’s CPAC into riffs on homosexuality, and co-opting Ann Coulter’s vitriol for their own purposes. All of which has Al Cardenas, the new head of CPAC’s parent organization, furious that GOProud is getting a little too prideful.

Reviewing the recent national CPAC, Cardenas addressed the controversy surrounding participation [with a booth in the exhibit hall] by the Republican gay group GOProud. He feels “the problem is that GOProud didn’t help us any in being inclusive, because they used that platform to be quite aggressive [outside CPAC]. They started taunting some of our board members. The ideal GOProud participation would have been, ‘You know what, guys? This is an inclusive society. We’re as interested in these fiscal issues as you are. Fill your website with fiscal issues that you’re for and be a mainstream discusser of issues. We just happen to have a different lifestyle.’ And if they’d done that, they would have laid the groundwork for things that would have been pretty good.’”

Translation: Al Cardenas wants the GOProud gays to act more like pussies. Or else they’re gonna get banned.

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  • Cam

    Wow, that really says something that the GOP thinks GOProud are to “Activisty” LOL!

  • Ken

    Al Cardenas is at least honest. Republicans, Democrats, whatever: Truth is most politicians have this attitude towards the LGBT community of “just give us more of your money, vote for us when we tell you, but don’t expect us to do anything for you” and above all “keep quiet!”

    There are times when I feel voting is at best an act of futility and at worst an act of legitimizing the very folks most out to screw us.

  • Jim Hlavac

    I have tried on many a Tea Party, Right Wing, Republican, even Christian/Catholic political website to keep to fiscal issues; no, no one has to agree with those politics. But then they bring up the gay stuff. It’s they who bring it up, not us. It’s most amazing how much they discuss us. Still, we’re playing defense, and that’s it. And I lit in to these groups, and I get the same thing — “if only you’d shush, it would get better.”

    And all I can answer to that is: “We tried to shush. First you kept raiding the bars. Then you kept Bowers V Hardwick, and you keep DOMA, you want DADT — and you obsess over us — so once you all come to a conclusion, let me know. Until, then, God Loves Fags. And I’ll comment as I wish.”

    Which does rile ’em up. And makes ’em think.

  • PersonOfInterest

    As a Libertarian who just happens to be homosexual, I say let CPAC dig its own grave. Politically-minded gay people like myself are more than willing to say “Fuck you” to the Republicans if they keep up with the tired old excuse of homos are bad because the Bible says so. Likewise, when the Democrats get all cozy with Muslims (who would prefer we all die slowly and painfully), then their credibility goes out the window as well. How refreshing it would be to see an honest pol who speaks honestly and doesn’t tow his party’s line.

    Like that’ll ever happen.

  • Little Kiwi

    how could GOProud get any wimpier? Literally. GOProud is a collection of self-loathing white gay boys who never grew a pair and can’t get over the fact that their families resent having them as sons.

    There’s a reason GOProud doesn’t champion ANY LGBT EQUALITY ISSUES, or any pro-LGBT Candidates – if they do that it’ll remind their piece of shit bigot parents that they suck cock.

    GOProud members should do us, and their parents, a favour and hang themselves. for real.

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