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Crafty Homos Have Found a Loophole Around Don’t Say Gay: The Public Library!

So, the Tennessee legislature passed its “Don’t Say Gay” bill to muzzle educators who would talk about LGBT families. That sucks! But it’s not the end of the story.

Author Eric Ross and activist Devon Hicks are teaming up to skirt around the new law by sending copies of Ross’ LGBT-affirming book to local libraries.

And that’s not all! They’re launching a documentary project to tell the story of SB49, the anti-gay bill. A Kickstarter page has been kickstarted, and they need to round up $25,000 in the next three weeks. Yikes. According to the pitch:

Saying Gay will include a series of interviews with students, parents, teachers, lawyers, lawmakers, and therapists; covering their experiences and their concerns, and providing in-depth of analysis of SB49 from a wide variety of viewpoints and experience levels.

So there you have it! Educational institutions may not be allowed to say gay, but as soon as you leave the schoolyard, it’s on everyone’s lips.

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