Craig David Defends His Straightness

Craig David

British R&B singer Craig David is sort of gay-facey and has prettier eyebrows than J-Lo, but is that any reason to suspect he is a homo? Rumors have been going around since he came into the public eye in 1999, but he says he is not gay, just “terrified”:

Those rumors started back when we were playing ‘Re-Rewind’ in the clubs. All these women in the audience were interested in me, but I was having none of it. Why? Well, you know, I was 17, still relatively inexperienced, sexually speaking, and these women were – what 24, 25. They terrified me.

(The private parts of) women scare us too, Craig. Just remember we’re always here if you need to talk to us about it.

Craig David Dismisses Gay Rumors, Says He Was Shy [Starpulse]