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Craig Munro Mowed Down His Ex For Kissing A Woman

Craig Munro, of Queensland, mowed down his ex Brendan Gannaway with his car while Gannaway was biking to work. Why was Munro, 36, so upset with his short-lived lover? Because he supposedly spotted Gannaway kissing someone else at a club. And it was a woman! The September 2009 attack, which sent Gannaway flying over the hood of Munro’s car before he sped off, has Munro headed into a four-year prison sentence (suspended after 16 months) as he plead guilty to one count of acts intended to cause grievous bodily harm; Munro, miraculously, suffered only minor injuries. Munro’s explanation for the attack? He wasn’t properly taking meds for his schizo-affective disorder, which causes him to hallucinate and experience paranoia.