Move May Leave Him Wide Open

Craig To Withdraw Plea?

No doubt Larry Craig’s full of regret right now. Wouldn’t you be? An entire career tarnished by one word – “Guilty” – and then absolutely ruined by nine.

In an effort to regain that shattered life, the Idahoan Senator’s lawyers are looking for a way to take back that original “guilty” and null those nine.

Sen. Larry E. Craig said he had retained a lawyer to examine his case, suggesting that he may attempt to withdraw his guilty plea. That may be possible in some circumstances, legal experts say, but he would risk having more serious charges reinstated and the public exposure of other details of the restroom incident that has imperiled his congressional career.

If Craig’s feeling particularly ballsy, he can argue that Minnesota loses little by dropping his plea, nor did he appear before a judge.

Convenient, yes, but the move would also open the possibility of a new trial. What’s more, a judge could call for a trial into the matter and, if found guilty of the original charges, Craig could end up in the slammer. It’s a risk, to be sure. Legal experts say he could have avoided this drama had he hired a lawyer in the first place. Dummy.