Craigslist Murderer John Katehis Gets 25 to Life For Slaying Gay Newsman

john-katehis-myspaceIn March 2009, then-16-year-old knife enthusiast John Katehis placed a Craigslist ad offering kinky sex in exchange for money. WABC radio anchor George Weber, two days away from his 48th birthday, took him up on the offer—and paid for it with his life.

The rest, from Katehis’ self-defense plea to his claim that he stabbed Weber 50 times “accidentally” to the first hung-jury mistrial, is history.

Yesterday, Judge Neil J. Firetog gave the Brooklyn teen the maximum sentence, 25 years to life, for killing Weber. Katehis had been seen smiling and winking in both his videotaped confession and during the trial, but before Firetog passed judgment, he asked for forgiveness: “For the death of George Weber, I am sorry,” he said before Weber’s family. “I regret it.”

Katehis will serve 23 years before he’s even eligible for parole (he’s already spent two years in jail). That means if he has to wait another six years before getting sprung, he’ll be the same age Weber was when he murdered him. That should be long enough for him to think about his heinous crime.

Rest in peace, George Weber.

Image via Katehis’ MySpace Page

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  • kylew

    What a repellant creature. I hope he spends every day in jail getting royally ass-raped. This was a wholly premeditated hate crime, and he’s lucky he didn’t face the death sentence.

  • Hyhybt

    Forget the crime for a moment; he deserves a long sentence just for trying that excuse!

  • Curtis

    Guys need to stop trolling for dick on the net.You are putting yourself in danger.Who’s to day thinks didn’t go down the way this kid saif they did.I feel sorry for him.

  • christopher di spirito

    23 years before he’s even eligible for parole. Unbelievable.

    This cretin deserves the death penalty.

  • Hyhybt

    @Curtis: Because stabbing someone FIFTY TIMES cannot possibly be an accident or self-defense?

  • Mr.BoPeep

    @Hyhybt: who knows I have no idea how hard it is to steady yourself while flailing around in the blood of a guy you only meant to stab the one time. Maybe he just slipped the other 49 times..

    But seriously this is tragic and I hope the next few years spent being the real life bottom in a Tom of Finland or Hun prison sketch really has a deep profound impact on him. Aside from the gaping anus that is..

  • Franco

    May he rot in jail.

  • Tommy

    This kid’s crime is disgusting and reprehensible, and so is the death penalty.

  • shannon


  • Tyler

    @shannon: Well… I was thinking there are worse ways to die than by a hot killer lol. Of course, his crime was awful.

  • Tyler

    @Tyler: Ok just saw a pic of George Weber on another site. Feel bad for saying that now – poor guy.

  • lol

    He’s hot!

  • joey

    I hope they tear his ass up when that jail cell door slams shut.

  • tj

    I was waiting for someone to advocate rape… and there it went with number 13

  • Panserbjorne

    @christopher di spirito: Shhhhhh, it’s mean and nasty to wish the death penalty on someone.

    Seriously though. 23 years for a DEATH? We do understand that death is for all eternity right? And that the little thug stabbed the guy 50 times?? In what insane universe is 23 years not a bloody JOKE?

  • Kylew

    @Curtis: Sorry Mother Theresa that not everyone lives up to your high moral standards! And for the record – the MURDERER was the one who placed the ad – the victim merely responded to it.

  • jargon

    @Panserbjorne: Well sorry to say but I am just happy there was a conviction and it is for a reasonably long period of time. Too many criminals getting out of jail time for serious crimes for stupid reasons, and the likelihood that would happen only increases in a case like this where the victim is gay.

  • jargon

    @Tyler: You have to see a picture of a victim in order to feel bad for making stupid jokes about his being murdered?!

  • Condor221

    Normally, I would never wish this on anyone. But I do hope, the prisoners trade him around for a single cigarette. May he have the butthole of an ape when he gets out, if he gets out.

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