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Craigslist Was For the Poorman’s Escort


With Craigslist ending its Erotic Services section for a new profit-generating Adult Services space — all because some attorneys general were unhappy because people were getting murdered after using the site — not everyone is mourning its loss. Namely, established escorts who lost very lucrative fees to the site.

Here’s David Forest, who rents out porn stars by the hour: “[Craigslist] has been a thorn in my side. Even my best clients will cruise through the CL erotic services ads since it’s a known fact that there are some very hot guys that just post an “occasional” ad there. The [money] they want are usually LESS than what they could get if they were to make themselves available through FORESTmeetings. Many of my “former” clients want to pay much less for the boys … and certainly don’t want to also have to pay MY fee in addition! … Craigslist was low-rent, sure, but you’d get a better looking class of client. You’d only charge $150 for a “tug job” [massage with release] rather than the $250 you could get on Rentboy because a 22-year old college student could never pay the higher fee. If they were hot, I’d give them a break. Sometimes I’d do it just to get laid.”

Ah, and there’s the silver lining: Craigslist helped college students save money for tuition!