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Craigslist Was For the Poorman’s Escort


With Craigslist ending its Erotic Services section for a new profit-generating Adult Services space — all because some attorneys general were unhappy because people were getting murdered after using the site — not everyone is mourning its loss. Namely, established escorts who lost very lucrative fees to the site.

Here’s David Forest, who rents out porn stars by the hour: “[Craigslist] has been a thorn in my side. Even my best clients will cruise through the CL erotic services ads since it’s a known fact that there are some very hot guys that just post an “occasional” ad there. The [money] they want are usually LESS than what they could get if they were to make themselves available through FORESTmeetings. Many of my “former” clients want to pay much less for the boys … and certainly don’t want to also have to pay MY fee in addition! … Craigslist was low-rent, sure, but you’d get a better looking class of client. You’d only charge $150 for a “tug job” [massage with release] rather than the $250 you could get on Rentboy because a 22-year old college student could never pay the higher fee. If they were hot, I’d give them a break. Sometimes I’d do it just to get laid.”

Ah, and there’s the silver lining: Craigslist helped college students save money for tuition!

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  • Dabq

    While I don’t know why anyone would be so desperate as to pay for sex in the first place, but it was a service used I assume by many, especially alleged heterosexuals married men, my only gripe with CL was that anyone could post, including kids since there was no way to verify anything and in my area teen girls were suing it in a bust, I never understood why the owners just didn’t monitor that section before the law got involved, the law and sex just don’t mix in this prudish country.

  • Austin

    WRONG. Prostitutes and drug buyers were constantly spilling into the M4M section, and not suprisingly, are worse than ever as of yesterday. You won’t find anyone looking for a date on CL- 99.99% of the ads are just looking for NSF hookups. Craig’s is just playing whack-a-mole. What we need are separate “lonely hearts” and “NSF encounters” categories, PLEASE.

  • ken

    In the words of Margaret Cho:

    Craigslist is the PennySaver of sex

  • Robert


    Thats the point of there being a Men seeking and a Casual Encounters. Men seeking is supposed to be romantic and Casual Encounters is supposed to be NSF but nobody pays attention.

    Im recently unemployed and all my friends work during the daytime so I posted in STRICTLY PLATONIC for just a friend to hang out w/ during the day. I didnt mention ANYTHING about being gay and 80% of the responses were gay guys asking me for my stats and trying to hook up. So, it really doesnt make a difference what u name the category when it comes to gay men.


    Paying 4 sex isnt always about desperation. Its about convenience, descretion and fanstasy.

  • TANK

    Why does this matter?

  • TANK

    When you pay for sex, you know that someone’s going to get fucked.

  • Nickadoo

    No one is actually paying for sex. They’re paying you to leave when they’re done with you.

  • John Smith

    What does NSF mean?

  • KyleR

    @John Smith:

    No/not sufficient funds. Their broke and are willing to b paid for sex.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    We were once briefly employed as one of Miss Forrest’s ‘working ladies’ and Mary Forrest – who is herself uglier and more hideous than doodoo – never failed to remind us that we were not as young and beautiful as some of the other girls working there. (We recall that one of the starlettes working there at the time was Miss Bob Paris). Nevertheless we did quite well on our own with our own ads in ADVOCATE and FRONTIERS and now are independently wealthy and living in Barcelona!

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