Crain Blasts Log Cabin McCain Backing

Chris Crain, a gay journalist with many conservative politics, definitely does not approve of the Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement of John McCain. How do we know this? He penned a lengthy critique of their queer politics.

Here’s but a taste:

It’s as if our gay Republican friends forgot the basic politics of the carrot and the stick. Now that McCain and Palin are happily chomping away on the endorsement carrot that Log Cabin could have kept dangling in front of them, all they’re left with is the stick. With apologies to my friends among their number, including my beloved co-blogger Kevin, gay Republicans aren’t exactly known for carrying a big stick.

Cynics will no doubt see the rushed endorsement as a desperate ploy by Log Cabin to gain entree into the GOP’s “big tent,” a concept that gay and pro-choice Republicans have demonstrated a much greater commitment to than has the rest of the party.

Crain also quite rightly points out that McCain’s opposition to DOMA FMA – the Cabinites’ sole gay-related celebration of the candidate – has been faltering: “McCain has been backing away from his opposition to a federal amendment, and he pledged last month to back an amendment if even one judge rules the notorious Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional.” The journalist goes on to say that McCain could end up being worse on gay politics than President Bush, an idea that makes our blood run cold.