Crate & Barrel’s $100,000 Wedding Contest Returns, And Chad + Matt Want Your Vote

My my, is it already time for another Crate & Barrel wedding contest again? It was back in May 2010 we learned the fate of the top-scoring gay couple (second place for Gregory and Jonathan), and with another $100k dream wedding prize on the line, the gays are lining up again. Because they were the first to hit us up for some blog love, we’re sending positive thoughts (and a few votes) to Chad Kampe and his partner Matt, a Minneapolis couple calling themselves “Two Ripe Grapes.” I kind of just like the story of how they met: “Halloween 2003. Chad spots Matt grooving to Beyonce on the dance floor. Matt is dressed up as a wrestler. Chad and Matt lock eyes and jam out to “Crazy in Love.” Later that week, Chad serenades Matt a Spice Girls karaoke song on a their first date. Fast forward to 2011. Matt and Chad have become inseparable.” Vote for them here; you’ve got about three more weeks to pick your favorites. (Know of other deserving gay couples? Are you one? Let us know!)