Crazed Canadian Politico Popescu Again Suggests Gay Execution

David Popescu can’t keep his mouth shut!

The Canadian political hopeful came under fire last week after suggesting gay people should be executed, a comment that spurred federal investigators to investigate Popescu for inflammatory comments. While most people would have learned their lesson, Popsecu apparently lacks basic social logic:

Toronto police say they’re investigating “a threatening occurrence” after comments made by David Popescu to the spokeswoman of a gay rights group on a Toronto radio show on Oct. 2.

Sudbury police are also investigating Popescu for allegedly telling a group of local high school students on Sept. 30 that gays should be executed.

In the Toronto incident, Popescu was asked by radio host John Oakley whether Helen Kennedy, executive director of Egale Canada, should be executed.

Kennedy says Popescu responded “yes.”

Popescu cites the Bible as his murderous inspiration…