‘Crazy Fur People’ Force Johnny Weir to Live Among Olympic Riff-Raff

Rather than deal with the “crazy fur people,” Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir made the tres un-chic decision to stay in Olympic Village, the guarded outpost for peons, not international celebrity figures like himself who deserve to be put up in a hotel with all its luxury accommodations and bath salts. But even after opting not to wear authentic fur, Weir still fears animal activists will throw blood on him or something (where something, he says, means “harming me personally”), so he’s bunking with fellow American Tanith Belbin, the ice dancer, in a room that sports a Lady Gaga poster on the wall. “She needs to be there watching over us, protecting us.”

And calming him. As Weir makes his second and perhaps final Olympics stab at medaling, he’ll have the anxiety-inducing pleasure of watching 24 of the 30 men’s skaters perform before him. And that doesn’t include arch nemesis Evan Lysacek (who performs s 28th) and U.S. champion Jeremy Abbott (29th).

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