Crazy Televangelist: Glee Comes From “The Realm Of Darkness And Deception”

A clueless televangelist named James Robison is convinced that Glee is the work of the devil. It is glamorizing homosexual themes! He’s right: doesn’t it look awesome to get picked on constantly as a gay high-school student living in the middle of Ohio?

Glenn Beck sanctioned Robison’s crazy-talk for a segment on his TV program. Beck and Robison wish we could use the powers of Lea Michele and Ryan Murphy for good, not for evil.

“You made a tremendous comment earlier in the week, you talked about Glee,” said Robison. “You talked about the incredible talent; the talent is so staggeringly great and you said, ‘Why can’t we take great talent and have a great message?’ ”

The story of uncool theater-and-dance kids who band together against bullying is a terrible message, indeed.

Robinson continued:

You see, the enemy—and you talked about it in “The Overton Window”- the principalities and powers in the realm of darkness and deception know how to take that which is highly effective and use it to their ends to deceive and really to bring us down, away from God, away from truth. They do it highly effectively, they’re committed to it.

If you can take some of this talent, just like you alluded to—and that needs to happen, you need to be able to do it and people who the ability and have the resources need to help to exactly what Hollywood has refused to learn: the greatest gross-producing movies are family-friendly. And yet they keep putting out this junk because there is a power-force that says “you’ve got to get this message out.” And we can stop it by bringing forth truth.

Ah yes, the good old gay power-force. Evil homosexual sorceress Ryan Murphy conjured it from a mixture of rainbows, unicorn tears and frothy mix, and it compels us.

Photo via karlnorling