Creators Of Homoerotic One Direction Art Threaten Suicide After UK TV Portrays Them As “Insane”

tumblr_static_a99cj4lccaeqbd_The UK’s Channel 4 debuted their original documentary about the “most obsessed” One Direction fans last night, and sparked some unexpected and potentially dangerous drama on Twitter.

The two-hour documentary, Crazy About One Direction, profiled some of the most diehard Directioners and questioned whether the band’s following is simply a fad or a brand new phenomenon—”a cult now powered by the online community.” As an added bonus, the doc explored certain fans’ “gay fantasies” and “even One Direction’s willy sizes.”

What sounds like quality programming was an offense to the hundreds of Directioners the doc profiled, who didn’t realize they would be portrayed as “insane” and “obsessive.” During the premiere last night, many took to Twitter and threatened suicide.

Some time last night, the hashtag #RIPLarryShippers began trending on Twitter. The term refers to a subset of Directioners—the Larry Shippers—who create gay fanfiction and art centered around the shared fantasy of a gay relationship between band members Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

Embarrassed and distraught over being made to “look insane” on national television, the “Larry Shippers” staged their Twitter suicides. Though no actual suicides have been confirmed or reported, it was convincing enough to grab the attention of the media and band member Liam Payne:

Today, Channel 4 released the following statement:

“Whilst not suggesting that the girls featured represent all 1D fans, it examines the impact social media has had on teenage fandom and how it has developed a new form of idol worship for many teenage girls.”

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  • Alton

    “I’m so mad that someone called me crazy for loving One Direction, I’m going to kill myself!”

    Sounds about right.

  • 2eo

    It’s hard to find fault, this should be allowed to pan out, Darwinism at its glorious apex.

  • Hermes

    If you actually believe in Darwinism, then it has no glorious apex. Sorry. On the other hand, it also long passed its theoretical apex, as modern evolutionary theory includes a lot of things that Darwin would not have recognized and they seem valid.

  • boring

    I love the phrase “questioned whether the band’s following is simply a fad or a brand new phenomenon,” as if we don’t have literally DECADES of pop culture history to out-and-out prove the cyclical nature of boy band trends.

    Fucking dummies.

  • Brendan

    Threatening to kill yourself because someone called you crazy is exactly the thing that someone who is not crazy would do… yea… sure.

  • sheldongai

    If you’re going to go on about how they’re all attention seeking morons who have nothing better to do with their life than cry over a boyband that you should probably leave. As if you’ve never been obsessed with a band or someone famous, it happens in every day life. Women at the age of 40 and over obsessing over Robert Pattinson who played Edward Cullen from Twilight and people who obsess over Ryan Gosling – it’s not something that’s strange, new and weird.

    If you’re going to be a rude and ignorant pig towards these people who are generally upset and distressed about this then you need to leave. It’s not your place to say, or judge them for their actions or their love and passion for a certain band.

  • 2eo

    @sheldongai: Yes it is perfectly acceptable to judge them. I suppose it’s a stretch for you to realise your own judgement in that post.

    And as for if I’ve ever obsessed about a band or person, no I haven’t. They are all equally invalid, sad and dulcet. They are attention seeking morons, they appear on a show about their lack of insight and their belief they know them.

    I can, and will continue to judge them.

  • Hermes


    I have to disagree. This is a harmless thing – they are not hurting you – it is NOT acceptable to judge them.

    If you have never obsessed about anyone or anything in your life – that’s your loss – you enjoy it or suffer it as the case may be.

    As for your decision to immorally judge other people, it disgusts me and I find you disgusting with it.



  • QuintoLover

    I think it’s great one of the members cares enough to try to help the kids out but if he really wants to help them, he WON’T enable or encourage their behavior. These kids will only become more and more obsessed and that obsession could lead to serious problems in the future.

  • Ayame

    Wait, am I the only one shocked by Liam’s grammar? It’s simply atrocious!!

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