Cristiano Ronaldo Is Now A Target Of Homophobic Abuse

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Whether or not Portuguese footballer/underwear model Cristiano Ronaldo is gay, and there is little-to-no evidence to suggest that he is, professional football continues to have a major homophobia problem on its hands surrounding the star player.

At a recent match between Ronaldo’s team, Real Madrid, and Barcelona, Ronaldo was repeatedly taunted from the stands as the crowed jeered “maricón,” the Spanish equivalent of “faggot.”

The Spanish LGBT Observatory condemned the homophobic insults.

“These deplorable and shameful acts are punishable according to the law of Sport (2007),” Francisco Ramirez, the director of the LGBT Observatory, said.

“For months the Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo has been the continued object of insults and malicious rumors from the tabloids, and also from sports journalists and amateur players to rival teams, in order to humiliate, offend and denigrate a great football player.

“It is necessary to clarify that homophobia does not necessarily mean that people who suffer are homosexual, but only that other people believe it or use it to insult, harass and humiliate others.”

Ronaldo, for his part, has not offered much to quell rumors that he is in a secret relationship with Moroccan kickboxer Badh Hari after the two were photographed getting cozy by a pool. Then again, it’s not his job to respond to silly, unfounded rumors.

When asked if he was gay in light of his personal grooming practices a few years ago, Ronaldo replied: “I’m at ease with my sexuality so it’s not a problem for me.”