Cristiano Ronaldo Poses Nude For Spanish Vogue

cristianofullIrina Shayk is pretty and all but we’ve never wanted to scream “get out of the way!” so much as when we saw the cover of Vogue Espana, which features the Russian supermodel blocking the view of her boyfriend, soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo in all his balls-out glory.

The shoot by renowned photo Mario Testino marks the first time the 29-year-old Portugese athlete, who currently plays for the Spanish team Real Madrid and has done plenty of modeling himselfand his lady love have been professionally photographed together.

The magazine’s coverline “Amor & Fútbol,” translates to “Love and Football.” We’ can get behind that. We can also get behind Ronaldo.

Watch behind-the-scenes video of the shoot below.

H/t: Daily Mail

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  • michael mellor

    Vogue is not gay male-friendly.

  • ChgoReason

    He’s not really nude, is he? He’s just teasing as he usually does. Ronaldo may be at the prime of his life but no one see soccer over here

  • Billy Budd

    I think he is too much in love with himself and too much metrosexual to be a real heterosexual.

  • Mezaien

    Vogue, sucks anyway I remember the magazine from the 1960`s no change.

  • carey579

    @Billy Budd – So in your opinion a guy can’t be good looking/take care of his looks without being ‘in love with himself’?

    The Double Standards in society – and coming from a gay man! DAMN

    Anyway – LOVE this cover! What I love the most is that Irina is covered (out of necessity but it does make an impact) and Cristiano is nude.

    Female power, male objectification and all that :)

  • uruz422

    sexy cover, sexy man…shame he’s pretending to be straight

    i mean i’m not one to jump on the “he’s gay” bandwagon. I don’t think Clooney or Tom Cruise is and I’m not even convinced with John Travolta. But this guy screams it. Having a baby by surrogate when you’re not even 30? Partying in New York with Lance Bass? Come on! lol

  • Billy Budd

    Yes, I believe he is gay. There are many gay of Bi footballers in the closet. Ronaldo, our national hero, was caught having an orgy with THREE tranvestites one night. Brazilian heartthrob and capitain of Sao Paulo team, Raí, was rumored to have a long time affair with a famous TV journalist, and was not able to defend himself against the accusations, despite having been married in the past and having (grown up) kids. There are suggestive photos of the couple sharing intimated moments in public.

    Brazilian Olympic Swimmer Xuxa (Fernando Scherer) was gay up until the beginning of the dacay of his career, then he got married and had a kid in order to get advertising jobs with his trophy wife (who was previously an erotic dancer and who posed naked many times).

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