Crist’s Gay Rumors May Dash McCain Dreams

Will Charlie Crist be John McCain’s running mate this November? That’s what some people are saying. And the Floridian governor recently came out for the Republican candidate. Too bad he’s also got loads of baggage – years of queer rumor. Those rumors will definitely grow come a nomination. Bob Norman writes:

If McCain chooses Crist, it would be interesting to see how the voracious national press (as opposed to cautious Florida newspapers) would handle the issue. Would the New York Times put a small team of reporters on the story in an effort to dig up the truth?

I think so. Just last week, a writer with a major national magazine called me on the topic. He said he was doing a general piece about the recent spate of Republican outings and scandals, but the V.P. talk surely has given a bit of urgency to the project.

Well, at least the McCain camp’s getting a heads up, so to speak…

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  • Mary-Lynn Cheney

    McCain should pick Jeb – that’s what the Bush Crime Family really wants.

  • Dubwise

    No, he should pick Rick Perry(Gov. Good Hair as we in TX call him). He doesn’t have those kinda rumors floating around…oh wait.

  • Amber LeMay

    Crist always reminds me of Harry Shearer of The Simpsons… hmmm… who happens to be the voice of Waylon Smithers…

  • Log Cabinnette

    Jeb Clampett is gay!!!!

  • leomoore

    He does look like Jed Clampett. I couldn’t figure why he looked so familiar until I read Log Cabinette’s post.

  • Amber LeMay

    Come and listen to my story ’bout a man named Crist
    Who’s name appeared on McCain’s short list
    And then one day he would’t be the pick
    When the GOP heard he might like dick

    Cock that is, penis meat

  • HonkeyDonkey

    Charlie is just your ordinary, run-of-the-mill Republican hypocrite who Jeb Bush wanted to groom for higher political possibilities. Living in Florida (the state of confusion) poverty, and post-hurricane expense, 8 years of Jeb Bush (formerly the artist known as Governatorator) Florida is in the crapper. After 1 year with ‘Empty Seat’ Charlie (he’s never in town…too busy kissing McCain’s maximus glutamus…and Florida is still in the crapper. But what is everyone in Florida worried about? You got it! The FCAT test! LOL! It’s pathetic! Real estate prices are through the roof, house insurance is sky high, taxes are out of this world. But, Florida is worried about the FCAT test! Oh Lawdy!

  • Sandy Swann

    Honkey Donkey you are sooooo right. I live in Florida

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