Critics And Oscar Noms Help Brokeback Play Singapore

brokebackmountain poster

You now that the universe has been thrown out of wack (in a good way, of course) when a country where gay sex is punishable by getting tossed in the slammer for two years moving forward with screenings of Brokeback Mountain. Conservative Singapore (remember this is the same place that gave that poor American graffiti artist a spanking a while back- okay they caned the fuck out of the poor kid) doesn’t mind seeing Heath and Jake perform some hot shirtless field wrestling. The country’s film critics are even going so far as to call the movie “not very controversial.”

Singapore’s media content director said Ang Lee’s film was passed as it did not “promote or glamorise the lifestyle”.

Someone better inform those right-wingers in the U.S. They seem to think otherwise.

Singapore censor passes Brokeback