Croatian Footballers Shun Media Following Nude Photo Leak

dejan-lovren-nakedMembers of the Croatia national football team are furious this week after a series of nude photos were leaked to the press.

Apparently the guys are in Brazil this month for the World Cup, where they decided to take a late-night skinny dip in their private pool after a match. That’s when a few trigger-happy Croatian photographers, hiding in the nearby bushes, hit the photo jackpot.

The photos, originally published by a Croatian website, show the admittedly beautiful players (including Dejan Lovren, Vedran Corluka, Luka Modric, Dario Srna, and Mateo Kovacic) in the buff, lounging around the pool and even sharing an incredibly homoerotic group hug. They did it “to the delight of their fans,” the website proclaims.

Except they didn’t really do it to the delight of anyone — this was clearly a rank invasion of privacy. (But that doesn’t mean we can’t ogle, right?)

Croatia national Coach Niko Kovac tells The Guardian that none of the players will be making an official statement:

I can’t force them to be at your disposal after what you have done to them and their families.

How would you feel if someone took naked pictures of you? They are adamant that they won’t speak to you lot any more and I don’t know whether the silence will end tomorrow or last until the end of our World Cup campaign.

I respect my players’ opinion and I also know that you have done a very professional job so far but you blew it with this one. The whole world has seen the photos.

Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone you looked.

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  • blondella

    3rd photo… ummmmmmm.

  • Milk

    This would have just blown over had the members of the Croatia just keep quiet about it. Why make such a big deal about nudity? The players involved were not in any compromise position. Just naturally enjoying a non football day. There’s so much shame when it comes to our naked body. Please stop overusing the word homoerotic. The definition does not encompass 2 or more male physical close proximity.

  • Dakotahgeo

    Talk about faux ignorant hurtful pride. Get over yourselves, silly Croatian guys. You really aren’t good-looking anyway. Waste of film or digital space.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    Doesn’t look that dark or late night to me, but if it was a private pool the photographers went to far. Still not a bad backside in the fitfth photograph.

  • Cam

    Off topic, why is Queerty closing comments on so many articles? Why bother to post an article about a bear giving another bear blow-jobs if you aren’t going to allow comments. I mean lets face it, the comments on that one would have been hilarious.

  • Matthew Tharrett

    @Cam: This is a tech issue we’ve been experiencing recently. We’re hoping to have the bug fixed soon, but in the meantime, please let us know if you notice the comment section is closed on any post so we can manually reopen it. Thanks.

  • Jim Guinnessey

    Long live Croatia and its gorgeous people!

  • Billy Budd

    They are probably bisexual. Many athletes are.

  • B Damion kills me the issh white people get away with. Str8 black men would never do this kinda thing.

    btw these players are full of bs..they know very well that the cameras are always following them. Stop the bs fellas lol.

  • michael mellor

    Croatia is not gay-friendly but its people have a very relaxed attitude to nudity. There are major nude beaches along the Croatian coastline.

  • Nowuvedoneit

    @B Damion: Why is being ok with nudity something white people get away with? That is really here or there, or your opinion as to what straight black men find appropriate.

  • Ringo

    No full frontal, I wouldn’t even be upset.

  • jabuka

    So funny, since Croatia is a very homophobic country. Recently they amended their constitution in order to ban equal marriage forever.

    The boys are going to face a backlash when they return home, which is probably a reason they have been keeping quiet about it.

  • Desert Boy

    Why are these men covering up their junk?

  • DarkZephyr

    @Jake357: LMAO!!! THANK you for saying it! I was thinking it but YOU said it!

    @B Damion: I’m sorry that you think heterosexual black men are ashamed of their bodies. I know gay black men aren’t thank goodness. <3

  • Jake357

    You’re Welcome, but it seems my comment disappeared. Or is this another Queerty “glitch”?

  • mlbumiller

    I would assume that these guys have showered and changed clothing hundreds of times. Why would they feel the need to cover their junk if they didn’t think an outsider might be around?

  • justyouandi

    Don’t get me started on black straight people and their homophobia. Some of the most intolerant and self-righteous people I’ve ever known.

  • Croat

    The man who wrote this article is idiot

  • Croat

    @Jim Guinnessey: more like Croatian beautiful women

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