Cruise Edits Himself Out Of Gay Bio

Legendarily straight Tom Cruise apparently can’t even handle being mentioned in a gay book! Former Village Person Randy Jones‘ new biography included an eighties-era anecdote involving him and Tom, but the actor’s people had it removed. How queer.

“Tom and I had the same management company at the time,” Jones told me at the new Bowery hot spot Antik. “I met him at a party Andy Warhol threw for Peter Gatien’s Limelight [nightclub offshoot] in Atlanta.”

To hear Jones tell the story, it was quite a party. But after calls went out to a spokeswoman and attorney for the Mission: Impossible star yesterday, the book’s editor assured me that Cruise’s name had been removed from the final version.

Great, now we’re forced to use our imagination!

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  • leomoore

    If it was the Limelight, then it was around the time Legend was released. I visualise Tom with the long hair he grew for the role. It was proabably his most buff phase. I can see him paying a midnight visit to one of the three bathhouses in Atlanta at the time lying on a cot face down with legs akimbo waiting for an agressive encounter.

  • Tom Who???

    Does anyone still find Tom Crazy Cruise hot??? More like a hot mess…

  • todd

    Tom Cruise is a flippin freak. All those 80s homos who propelled him into super stardom should be shot! Oh, that’s right – they are already dead. What is his fan base? I don’t get it.

  • foofyjim

    I agree, I’m done with Tom. I used to be so sure that he was gay, but now I just don’t care. If he is, he hates himself too much to be sexy any more.

  • Alan down in Florida

    Who should we believe a Village Person or the Village Idiot? I’ll go with Randy.

    BTW – in case you haven’t heard – Mr. Cruise’s upcoming Nazi film has been pushed back again, this time to winter 2009.

  • leomoore

    Todd, that was a pretty cold thing to say. I was an 80s homo and I’m not dead, yet. I’ve never paid to see a single Tom Cruise movie and don’t think I ever will; however, in 1982, Tom Cruise was actually pretty hot.

  • Randy Jones

    Hey Kidz,
    The book is out.
    And Tom’s in it!

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