Cruise Ship Steward Files Sexual-Assault Lawsuit Against John Travolta

Fabian Zanzi, the cruise ship steward claiming John Travolta sexually assaulted him, is suing the actor, according to TMZ.

In 2009, Zanzi was a steward on a Royal Caribbean luxury liner, where his job entailed seeing to the needs of VIP guests. Travolta,  a passenger on the ship, asked Zanzi to deliver some food to his stateroom.  After he brought Travolta his meal, Zanzi claims, the star asked for a neck massage.  He began the massage, but says Travolta then intentionally dropped his robe, exposing his fully erect penis—and forcefully embraced him.

The cabin boy claims Travolta said, “Take me, I will take care of you, please” and offered $12,000 to buy his silence when he turned him down. Zanzi, who says the ship’s management refused to allow him to file a complaint, is suing for unspecified damages.

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  • Some Random Guy

    What a picture. Are you sure Ben Stiller isn’t doing a parody of 1970s gay porn movies?

  • J Ascher

    Royal Caribbean isn’t a luxury line! It’s middle of the road along with Carnival, Princess, and Norwegian cruise lines. If you want luxury, try Cunard, Seaborne, or Celebrity.

  • LVgay

    @J Ascher: Royal caribbean most certainly is luxury, you idiot. Ever been in a suite on the Oasis or Allure? And btw, Royal Caribbean owns Celebrity!

  • Spike

    If this happened in ’09, why is he filing a lawsuit in 2012 and in what jurisdiction, Royal Caribbean is registered in the Bahamas?

    Travolta is a huge HOMO, it’s not like that is a secret but this guy probably was starstruck but couldn’t mess around with Johnny boy in fear of Kelly or one of the kids walking in and to mention the captains standing orders that any crew found hooking up with a passenger is off at the next port. And now he’s looking for a pay out.

  • Anni

    Amid all the controversy this sketch show has a pretty funny Travolta story. Watch it on youtube here –>

  • Jack H

    Royal Caribbean is a mid-tier line, as the earlier poster said. It may have suites, but that does not make it a luxury line. Some people say NCL has the best suites in the business, but no one would claim that NCL is a luxury line.

    Go do some research on Cruise Critic.

  • zipperzone

    I think the cabin boy was just plain stupid not to take the $12,000 offered at the time. A bird in the hand………

  • jack

    I hope that he doesn’t get a dime. You know that the Church of Scientoligy is in need of funds. LOL LOL LOL Thats like saying that the pope needs new red slippers. That old queen sure knows how to dress.

  • jwrappaport

    @Spike: Whenever you buy airline or cruise tickets, I bet dollars to donuts there’s a forum selection clause in the fine print – these companies would much rather litigate in the US than Bahamas I would imagine.

  • erich40

    Royal Caribbean is NOT a Luxury cruise Line and NCL is a JOKE! If you want Luxury try Crystal Cruises that is Luxury! Cunard Line is nice, but at times can even iffy as far as service. Cunard Queens are “Ocean Liners” NOT cruise ships. For smaller ships try true luxury on Oceania, Seabourn or Regent. Carnival, NCL. Royal Caribbean are the bottom of the cruise lines as far as quality and the type of people that cruise on them.

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