Cruising Battle In Bristol

Some British gays are fighting for their right to fornicate!

The battle began as Bristol city and community leaders started pushing for shrub clearance at Bristol Downs, saying such maintenance will open the area to wild life and make it more accessible for park visitors. Gay activists, however, are crying “discrimination.”

Why? Because they feel the gardening will impede their public sex plans.

Peter Wilkinson, who heads the park council, insists that he and his team will work with gay rights group the Terrence Higgins Trust to ensure no one misreads the park’s renovation. Said Wilkinson:

The general public are unhappy about people taking part in lewd behavior in public spaces, whether it’s between men and women or people of the same sex. We are working together with the Terrence Higgins Trust to make sure any work we will do is sensitive.

We’re making sure people know what we are doing so we are not seen to be discriminating.

Wait, can someone really use illegal public sex as an argument against discrimination? We understand the dangers of sexual policing, but Bristol authorities insist they don’t investigate public sex unless there’s a formal complaint. Wouldn’t it be better to just let this gardening slide, rather than raising a stink? And, what’s more, are people’s sex lives more important than something that can improve the park for everyone? Just asking…