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Crunch Fitness asks patrons to have sex “anywhere” but the men’s locker room

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Looks like Crunch Fitness doesn’t approve of certain aerobic activities. In a flyer shared on social media, a Crunch gym asks its members to stop hooking up in its men’s locker room.

Here’s the text of the message, the emphasis of which is theirs: “Attention members: Please DO NOT HAVE SEX in the men’s locker room! You can have sex *literally* anywhere else, just not at Crunch Fitness. Otherwise, your membership will be immediately revoked. Please keep this safe space for all Crunchers.”

According to The Sword — work un-friendly link alert! — a now-deactivated Twitter user found the flyer in a West Hollywood location of the gym chain. “Tell me you work at a gay gym without telling me you work at a gay gym,” that user wrote in the tweet.

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Other Twitter users flexed their comedy muscles in the replies. “So we can f*ck on the elliptical?” wrote one. Another tweeted, “But I need to burn the calories!”

A third Twitter user pointed out that’s “one way to cancel a notoriously hard-to-cancel gym membership.”

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On Reddit, meanwhile, a self-identified business manager wondered if Crunch calling out the steamy behavior would “essentially [advertise] the fact that their locker room is cruisy.”

“Maybe it’s actually a clever marketing ploy,” another user responded.

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Of course, locker-room trysts are nothing new. A 43-year-old told The New York Times in 2005 that he goes to a New York Sports Club location for “work and reward,” defined by the newspaper as “a cardio workout, some weight lifting, then sexual activity in the sauna or steam room.”