Crystal Lake, IL: Gay is OK

gaygames.jpegRe-voting on whether or not the Gay Games could hold a rowing competition in their city, the City Council members of Crystal Lake, IL decided to allow the event. (And take the Gay Games’ money.)

The original vote ended in a tie, as Board President Jerry Sullivan was not present; this time he was back, and cast the deciding vote in favor of the Games. The issue still has to pass on the county level.

We could bore you with the details of the hearing: this guy thinks gays are evil, that lady thinks it’s bad for the families, blah blah blah. But we’ll spare you, it doesn’t matter.

Instead, we will say this: certain members of the Queerty staff are white-trash from the Midwest, and we actually have family living in the city of Crystal Lake. Random, but true. And they are a lovely, gay-supportive bunch who anxiously await the day we get married, so they may come to the reception, which will no doubt be the best party our family has ever seen. Seriously, they’ve already picked out what they’re going to wear.

Crystal Lake is a beautiful little town, filled with rolling green hills and quaint little shops, and the lake itself is a gem. So if you’re a rower on your way to Crystal Lake, have a gay ol’ time. And give our family a call, they’re always looking for a reason to go get some drinks.