CT Just Passed Trans Job Protections, But 35 States Can Still Fire You For Being Queer

On a bright note Connecticut just passed employee protections for “gender identity or expression,” but about 30 states can still fire you for being gay and if you’re trans that number goes up to about 35. That sucks. Just another reason the trans community and their LGB and straight allies need to organize to get gender identity employment protections passed on the national level.

Via Towleroad and Unicorn Booty

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  • Dave

    Ugh I wish EDNA was passed but those annoying Trans activists HAD to flip out about how they claimed the T was not included with the GLB people when gender/gender identity would have been added into EDNA once it did pass and these Trans activists were responsible for EDNA NOT passing!

  • missanthrope


    You can reserve the right to be wrong or to just lie, but that’s factually incorrect.

    The map and info in the story is also dated, Nevada now has gender protections also.

  • Tyler Davis

    Its already been said, but this map is innacurate/outdated. Not that things are leaps and bounds different than this map portrays, but it is better.

  • Laughriotgirl

    @Dave: What year was that, exactly when trans inclusion made ENDA fail? 2007, when the President vowed to veto it? This past year when it was sacrificed so that DADT could get repealed? Some other mystery year?

  • faggytillgraduation

    If this is all true then we look like some socially backward third world shithole


  • Daez

    Its not like attempts have not been made in all of these states. Ohio has aimed to pass an equal employment and housing bill for years. It made it past the House but never made it past the Senate. Now, thanks to a Repug governor who is more worried about keeping taxes low for his multimillionaire friends than he is keeping healthcare for seniors who desperately need it, there will be no progress for the next 4 years at least. Sure makes you glad all of those morons jumped the Democratic ship just to show them a lesson in the last election eh?

  • no diversity

    the queerty needs some libertarian writers please

    “Every person has the right to life and justly-acquired property, and to do with his own whatever does not infringe the equal rights of others.

    “From this primary right can be derived all the rights of the liberal tradition – freedom of expression and contract and association, together with security against oppressive or arbitrary behaviour by the State.

    “It does not generate any right not to be hated or despised or shunned.

    “It does not justify laws against discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation, or laws against expressing or inciting hatred against any group.

    “If someone chooses, for whatever reason, not to employ homosexuals because of their homosexuality – or not to rent property to them, or not to provide other paid services to them – that is his right within the liberal tradition. By such behaviour, he is not committing any aggression against others. He is merely exercising his right NOT to associate or NOT to contract. No one who is thereby refused suffers any harm that is, within the liberal tradition, to be considered actionable.

    There is no natural limit to the scope of antidiscrimination laws, because the concept of antidiscrimination is almost infinitely malleable. Almost any economic behavior, and much other behavior, can be defined as discrimination. Is a school admitting students based on SAT scores? That is discrimination against individuals (or groups) who don’t do well on standardized tests! Is a store charging more for an item than some people can afford? That is discrimination against the poor! Is an employer hiring only the best qualified candidates? That is discrimination against everyone else!

  • Laughriotgirl

    Q: How many Libertarians does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: None: They let he Invisible Hand of the Market ™ take care of that.

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