CT Right Plans Gay Nup Fight

Here’s something you’ll find totally unsurprising.

Connecticut’s social conservatives announced plans to reverse the state Supreme Court’s ruling that the state must allow gay marriages. And, to that end, they will urge voters to support a constitutional convention, an event that come around every 20 years. The court’s “robed masters” must be stopped, says the Family Institute of Connecticut’s Peter Wolfgang, seen here in an ill-fitting suit.:

“The Court’s willingness to undemocratically impose same-sex marriage on Connecticut has made it necessary for us to demand the right to Let the People Decide,” said [Wolfgang].

“And that is why thousands of us will vote ‘yes’ for a constitutional convention on November 4th,” he said.

“We will work for a majority ‘yes’ vote this November 4th to hold a state constitutional convention and will fight to get a direct initiative law out of the convention,” Wolfgang said.

“And then we will put a question on the ballot to allow the public – not our robed masters – to decide once and for all if marriage will be protected in our state constitution as the union of a man and a woman,” he continued.

Wolfgang’s not the only one speaking out against the same-sex decision. Supreme conservative leader James Dobson this weekend described the ruling as “another tragic example of runaway judges trampling on citizens’ right to decide public policy for themselves.” And the award for drama queen goes to…