Cuba’s Gays Present Petition, Kiss And Tell At Protest Smooch-In

Despite claims that a big Pride march was going to be held in Havana on Sunday,  it was a more modest event three days prior that might have a more lasting impact: On Thursday, LGBT Cubans presented their demands to the National Assembly of People’s Power and staged a kiss-in at Ramón Fonst sports arena.

Their petition calls for an end to workplace discrimination and the de facto criminalization of homosexuality, as well as an investigation into the Military Units to Aid Production—forced-labor camps where gay dissidents were “repaired” beginning in the 1960s writes El Nuevo Herald.

The Kiss-In for Diversity and Equality, which sources say drew about 50 participants, was organized by Project Rainbow, an independent LGBT group. Sunday’s march was also sponsored by non-government groups like the Cuban League Against AIDS, the Open Door Foundation and LGBT Observatory, which are all separate from First Daughter Mariela Castro’s National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX). Castro has said in the past that Pride marches are unnecessary. and could be construed as protests.  Last year marked the first legally recognized gay Pride event in Havana, a sparsely attended affair that saw several participants detained by police.

Project Rainbow’s founders issued a statement before Thursday’s smoochapalooza, stating that, “with this public and affectionate action we invite you to make the LGBT community in Cuba visible. We are part of the nation.”



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  • w.e.

    Cuba is a strange place, although it is like much of Latin America. The “gays” are mostly crossdressing feminine types and the “machos” are considered straight even though they just might fuck anything walking, men or women.

  • Making up stuff is fun!

    @w.e.: A post about a foreign country; of course the first post would be the ignorant stereotyping of a shallow half-wit.

  • pinksks




    That said, why the insistence on independence from cenesex?

    There are many bad things in cuba, but cenesex is not one of them.

  • Continuum

    Strange how this communist country seems to allow gay protests, while supposedly now free countries like Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Estonia, Singapore etc all do their utmost to stop any gay demonstrations.

  • sjames

    @w.e.: we – where did you get your info from?

    BTW everyone -the big deal is that Raul castros daughter supports gay marriage. change cannot be to far behind.

    I can just hear the homophobes yelling ‘Commie”. that of course was the KKK’s favorite comment in the past

    Guess who else hated communism, besides of course the catholic church

    A catholic with the initials AH, who ruled germany from 1933 to 1945

    horrilble minds think alike. BTW I can find no evidence, dead or alive tthat the worst murderer in history was EXCommunicated

    Because to do so the church would connect the dots between the hatred of Jews it created, and the monster who gave the world the holocaust and 55 million deaths.

    While the churhc babbles about protecting life. Something it got from another catholic = Goebbels, who said ” if you tell a lie often enough and outrageous enough, it will be seen as the truth.”

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