Cumberlands To Johnson: Please Don’t Sue Us!

Stuck-in-the-Dark-Ages University of the Cumberlands has agreed to let Jason Johnson finish this semester, after expelling him for being gay. (And giving him all F’s for this semester’s classes!) The school agreed to let him turn in his work, if he agreed not to sue. For whatever it’s worth, we would have taken the F’s and sued the hell out of the school, since those expensive college educations we paid for have gotten us absolutley nowhere in this world.

He’s still allowed to file complaints with the U.S. Department of Education, but that’s probably going to be about as effective as reporting a crime to the St. Maarten Police. In any case, we’re glad Mr. Johnson seems to be doing alright.

We’d like to offer the stacks of papers we wrote in our college days, as we haven’t thrown them away for some reason. Jamie, darling, if you need any help, please let us know.

Expelled Gay Student Allowed To Finish Year